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Camille and Billie on location filming of The Christmas Invasion on the Brandon Estate, south LondonThis site is a map of locations where various episodes of the television series - Doctor Who - were filmed and also other places of interest to fans.

Doctor Who has a long history of location filming dating back to the 1960s. Unfortunately some locations - like some of the episodes - have inevitably been lost in time.

Please bear in mind that many locations are private property and not open to the public. Inclusion on this map does not necessarily mean you can visit it.


Version 0.1.6 - 290 locations - 12 Mar 2006

Version 0.1.5 - 180+ locations - 19 Feb 2006

Version 0.1.4 - 110+ locations - 10 Feb 2006

Version 0.1.3 - Over 90 locations - 9 Feb 2006

Version 0.1.2 - Around 70 locations, Google Earth facility added - 8th Feb 2006

Version 0.1.1 - Around 60 locations - 6th Feb 2006

Version 0.1 - Around 30 locations - 5th Feb 2006

How was it made?

This site is the result of some recent playing around with the Google Maps API and Ruby on the Rails.


Richard Bignell's excellent guide to Doctor Who on Location was the main reference for the first eight Doctors' location filming. Most of the remainder have been gleaned from Outpost Gallifrey postings or submitted by readers of the site.


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